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Twentyseventeen (Used)

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All photos are the actual pedal. No box or manuals.


  • Extremely wide range of gain

  • Two band Baxandall EQ

  • Soft Touch Relay Bypass designed by Steve Demedash of Demedash Effects

  • High Quality Components such as Mammoth Potentiometers, Switchcraft & Lumberg Connectors, and Wima Capacitors


Drive – This control will increase or decrease the gain of the pedal.  You can dial it all the way back and get almost an almost clean boost or dime the control and get a pretty serious distortion/fuzz sound.  That was really the whole point of the pedal…have one with a huge range.

Treble – This controls the amount of treble frequencies in the distortion sound.  I find that as you increase the gain, this control will need to be used to cut some high frequencies if using a bright amp.

Bass – This control is similar to the Treble control, except that it manipulates bass frequencies.  Depending on your amp and guitar set up, these will vary.

Volume – This is a basic volume control. It controls the overall volume of the pedal.  Clockwise is all the way up, counter clockwise is all the way off! Unity gain is around 12 o’clock so you can get some added push to your amp by diming the control!


This pedal is rated for 9 volts and 9 volts only.  It will require 40ma at 9 volts using a 2.1mm, negative center power supply.  Use of any other supply will void the warranty. There is no battery snap inside the pedal.  Use of an isolated power supply is highly recommended.