Pedals I Love You Blip Blox

Introducing: Blipblox and Blipblox After Dark

Blipblox synthesizers are uniquely designed to be completely safe for kids.  The knobs can’t be pulled off, there aren’t sharp corners or edges, and the plastic case is designed to take hard hits, drops and spills. The Blipblox ($189) and the Blipblox After Dark ($199) are the only synthesizers fully certified to international toy safety standards for ages 3 and up. 

The Blipblox and Blipblox After Dark allow users ages 3+ to being their musical journey without the need for keys on a piano or strings on a guitar! The Blipblox synthesizer is a powerful instrument designed to engage kids. With a built in speaker and battery power bring the wonder and sounds no matter where you are! Playful lights and colorful controls just scratch the surface of this powerful and accessible synthesizer! 


The Blipblox is a real musical instrument that has been simplified so there are no rules to follow or steps to learn.  With the push of a button the Blipblox starts playing one of its hundreds of built-in melodies.  Twist and turn the colorful controls to create fresh music from an unlimited palette of synthesized sounds.  See the sound as the LED light show dances in beat with the music.


The Blipblox makes it easy for your family to jam, perform, and connect through music.  Younger kids find the brightly colored controls and synchronized light show irresistible.  Teens and adults are captivated by the unlimited ability to create new sounds.  MIDI and Audio ports let you connect to your stereo system and other musical instruments so parents and friends can join in.  The durable design can take hard hits, drops and spills, and it’s certified safe to international standards for kids as young as 3.


The Blipblox isn’t just for kids.  It’s a sophisticated device with advanced synthesis features.  The same elements that make it fun for music exploration, also make it a fun studio tool.  An innovative signal flow makes it easy to dial in complex soundscapes.  Choose your oscillator mode then modulate it using the two LFOs and the Envelope Generator.  Sculpt your waveform with the filter, then add some beats with its drum machine.  A built-in speaker and battery power means it’s completely portable.  Integrate into your studio or use live with 5-pin MIDI input, ¼” audio output, and the included USB power cable.


Click here to purchase the Blipblox for $189 and click here to purchase the Blipblox After Dark for $199