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Tsukuyomi (Used)

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All photos are the actual pedal. No box or manuals.

From Ground Control Audio:

The Tsukuyomi basically has the same function as the Amaterasu in that it makes your instrument much, much louder, which is nice. The main difference is in the extra tone kick, designed to operate in mids territory instead. If you feel your tone is flat, lifeless and lacks presence, the Tsukuyomi just might be the slap in the face your amp needs. J/k, please be gentle with your amp.

The Tsukuyomi features a 26dB, flat-ish, gain section in series with an optional 12dB of mids gain in the 880Hz-1KHz band.

Do not power with anything other than a center-negative 9VDC power supply. This pedal uses circuitry to double up the 9VDC power supply and you do not want to feed it any more. This kills the pedal and will void the warranty. You will be charged for repairs.