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Stone Blender

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This pedal is truly for fuzz lovers, with a huge dynamic range, offering versatility, control and power, A LOT OF POWER. With a robust low end that never compromises you high end crisp, the Stone Blender is perfect for guitarists, bassists and synth players alike. We based the circuit on the 1990's Sola Sound Tone Bender and created four distinct fuzz sounds ranging from classic to modern, wild to tame, each dynamically shapeable using the Tone, Fuzz, Vol and De Clip controls.

Fuzz #1 (1N60 Green) -  Mogwai turns into a furry little biting gremlin with this purry overdrive-like fuzz, offering volume boost and added crunch

Fuzz #2 (1N4148 Red) -  Sizzling up top while punching you in the gut, this is the 1990’s Sola Sound Tone Bender. At this setting you get the classic all time favorite Tone Bender Fuzz. 

Fuzz #3 (Yellow LED) - Take a walk on your wild side. This animal is loud, aggressive and likes like to snap at its prey before devouring it up.

Fuzz #4 (Blue LED) - Planets collide with this out of control extraterrestrial beast. Extremely distorted and high gain, this is full blown madness in your face and yes, it goes to eleven.