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loud/louder (Used)

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All photos are the actual pedal. No box or manuals.

From Chadderbox Effects:


it has arrived. an old favorite that has been updated with modern functionality. its all very simple. the left footswitch turns the loud channel on & off and is controlled by the left knob. the footswitch on the right turns the louder channel on & off and is controlled by the knob on the right. turning the knobs CW adds more gain and turning the knobs CCW removes gain. while both channels are similar, the louder channel has more gain available and also provides a thicker sound. in addition, there is a Flashback Switching feature that allows you to momentarily change states for as long as you hold down a footswitch. to revert the pedal to its previous state, just release the footswitch. neat, huh? this enables you to do quick, momentary changes on the fly, eliminating the need for an extra footswitch press.