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Hot Potato (Used)

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All photos are the actual pedal. No box or manuals.

From Bowman Audio Endeavors:

The Hot Potato! V2.0 picks up where the original left off, but adds numerous tonal options. 

The Hot potato is a low to mid range overdrive. Has an on/off switch pot on the tone circuit that allows you to switch the tone circuit off an out of the signal path.

I wanted something that could be an always on type pedal for guitar and bass, that was tweakable to taste, without being too aggressive. Years of touring, and showing up to fly gigs and festivals where the gear you requested wasn’t what always showed up led me to this design. A simple platform capable of numerous tonal options, in a simple package.

The TONE control. It is switchable ON/OFF. This allows you to keep it out of the circuit and adjust the LEVEL control with smoother taper in the gain control. The V.1 taper was bunched up at the end. The V.2's taper has an even progression to the max gain setting. Switch the TONE control on, and you are able to add low end frequencies sweepable up to noon position. The tone sweep from noon clockwise adds high end frequencies. 

As you advance the LEVEL control, this unit will change characteristics.. At the bottom of the sweep a nice JTM45 ish tone is present, roll back your volume knob on the guitar and the clipping will mellow out. Turn the LEVEL knob to 10, full on 800 vibes!

And it still cleans up via pick attack and volume control at the guitar with humbuckers or single coils!

Balanced,low-medium gain boost, to overdriven tone of an 800.

Great dynamic low end response and open mid-range.

Connectors: Input, Output, DC adapter.

Power Supply: 9VDC adapter – NEGATIVE CENTER – 10mA draw.