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Flannel Overdriver (Used)

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All photos are the actual pedal. No box or manuals.

From Fowl Sounds:

The Flannel Overdriver is an original high gain pedal that was spawned from classic distortions of the past with a modded tonestack from an infamously grungy and Repulsive pedal. With two op-amp gain stages, and a JFET recovery stage, this pedal is a swiss army knife. It goes from crunchy, classic rock to caustic Death Metal. The tonestack blends your lows and highs, while the mids knob brings some punch to the party. This pedal is perfect for Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Old School Death Metal, Crust, Grunge, Shoegaze and Blackened anything.

GAIN – Dual gang pot controls the gain of the op-amps in tandem.

VOLUME - Works as expected, with plenty on tap.

TONE - Think of the tone knob as a blend between a low bandwidth and a high one. At noon, they

 are equal. To the left blends more lows and to the right blends more highs.

MIDS - Adds the low mids to the mix. Fully CCW and the tone knob is quite scooped. Fully CW and a good amount of lower mids are added to the mix. Works in tandem with the tone knob.

TOGGLE– Changes clipping options for the second op-amp. North is hard clipped red LED. Middle is soft clipped Zener, and south is hard clipped silicon.

Internal Trim - Adjusts the bias of the JFET. We do not recommend touching this unless you have experience with a digital multi-meter.