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From Death By Audio:


Tired of constantly switching between five different fuzz pedals to get your sound? Bring on the Apocalypse. This versatile overdriving multitasker starts with a raging distortion preamp circuit and pumps it through one of five selectable post-amplifier circuits to take your fuzz to the next level until the end of time. Choose between chunky scooped mids, full dynamic distortion with rich harmonics, a dual J-FET drive, octave-rectified fuzz, or the thermoneuclear ‘Gain x1000’ mode that cranks the gain well beyond normal limits of most fuzz pedals to the point of insanity.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite post-amplifier flavor, sculpt your tone using the Sweepable Frequency Equalizer to find your instrument’s sweet spot and cut through the mix! This specially-tuned EQ adjusts multiple tone controls simultaneously, letting you pinpoint the best-sounding fuzzed-out frequencies for rumbling bass blasts, thrashing mid-scooped metal, warm mid-boosted overdrive, or cutting treble assault.

Use this pedal as a boost for solos, an amp-like recording DI, your main sound, a bass blitzer, or run anything into it you want to beef up, blast out, or supercharge. The Apocalypse uses a combination of silicon, JFET, and IC-based pre-and post-amp clipping options, making it easily the most diverse overdrive / distortion / fuzz in the Death By Audio lineup and a must-have onstage and in the studio.


Rotary Selector:

Twin-T Scoop: A circuit adding bass and treble simultaneously.

War Fuzz: A very full and dynamic distortion with rich harmonics and sustain.

Dual J-FET: Similar to the War Fuzz setting using dual J-FETs to get its sound.

Octave Rect: Sums the bottom and top halves of a waveform to create an octave up. Quieter volume than the rest.

Gain x1000: The gain is cranked super high on this post amp causing
fuzzed-out end-of-the-world tones for maximum sonic destruction.

Vol: Adjusts the output volume of the pedal.

Drive: Controls the volume of the initial preamp inside the pedal. Turn it up to get more distortion and fuzz or pull it back to get cleaner overdrives and boosts.

Sweepable Frequency Equalizer: This is a special tone knob designed to function as a multitude of tone controls simultaneously. Its range is extreme, starting with a bass booster that fades into a mid-scoop, followed by a mid-boost, and eventually into a few stages of treble-boosting to give you a beautiful bright sound.

Dimensions: 5.87" x 4.72" x 2.46"
Weight: 20 oz.
Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).
Current Draw: 5.8 mA.