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Absolute Destruction

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From Death By Audio:


Showing little-to-no respect for what instruments normally sound like, the Absolute Destruction is one mean you-know-what of a distortion box spewing ferocious, sizzling, reverse-inverted billowing plumes of wooly take-no-prisoners-leave-only-rubble anti-tone-snob fuzz and distortion.

The dark secret behind this punisher of a pedal is the power amp IC which we’ve pushed over the edge of the uncanny valley of insanity. It’s a brutally original take on high gain distortion with psychotic pumping compression attack and release envelopes that makes every note sound like its clawing its way out of the speakers before being pulled back to the void – but only if you want it to.

You want a thick and gnarly fuzz sound? You got it. Push the OVERLOAD slider all the way to the right and adjust the GAIN and MASTER VOLUME controls to your liking. Try playing with your instrument’s volume and tone controls to really dial it in.

As you bring the Overload slider up, you’ll hear clanging analog octaves, spitty bias-starved dying battery fuzz tones, and crushed reverse compression, until the signal gets so unbelievably pulverized that it retreats into nothingness before rising from beyond the beyond with a sound so corrupted, so powerful, so raging, and so intense that it can only be called Absolute Destruction.


Master Volume: Controls the output volume of the effect.
Overload: Sets the ceiling at which the pedal overloads. When turned all the way down, the pedal will not overload. As the control slides to the left it pulverizes the signal with greater intensity.

Gain: Sliding this control to the right increases gain and distortion.

Horizontal sliders have been recessed to protect them from bending or any accidental movement while playing.


Dimensions: 4.95" x 2.61" x 2.34"(including hardware)
Weight: 10 oz.
Power: 9V (runs on standard 2.1mm negative center 9V adapter or included 9V battery).
Current Draw: 5 mA.