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FLWR is, I guess, an overdrive! It makes gain, about 45dB, and can get up into fuzz territory at max settings. It’s designed to help you find your own breakup point, where pushing with the guitar breaks up nice and amp-y, but pulling back cleans up. The “SHAPE” controls affect the first gain stage, while the “GAIN” control affects the second gain stage. The clipping diodes are a modular sub-assembly, you can experiment and find your own magic arrangement. FLWR has a medium input impedance, so plugging right in will be a little warmer than when FLWR is following an input driver like EUNA. The output impedance is slightly higher to allow for interactions with other pedals. The WHATEVER power port accepts 7.5 to 35 volts of AC or DC in either polarity. FLWR is True-Bypass when switched off.

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