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OAMP quickstart guide - It’s pronounced w-amp! OAMP is an output driver designed to replace a conventional output buffer or gain pedal at the end of your chain. If you’re familiar with EUNA, it’s a similar concept but with a few key differences. High headroom, clean gain, great drive capability. They key features are labeled below. There are subtle tonal variations in the gain settings. Maximum clean output level is 20dB. 29dB of gain available. OAMP makes enough gain to drive your amp into breakup without adding it’s own distortion, or you can use it to trim hot signals from your pedalboard. The insert loop is active when OAMP is OFF, so you can easily swap from clean drive to a dirt pedal, alternative preamp or anything you want really. With nothing plugged into the insert OAMP is True-Bypass when switched off.
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